Work Offline with Launchpad CRM - Things to Consider

Work offline with Launchpad CRM

Launchpad CRM Work Offline

Many would have you believe that the world is increasingly web-connected and online connections are omni-present enabling you to work offline whenever you wish to.

Pretty much everything is becoming web-enabled and it is only a matter of time before our refrigerators are telling our cars to warm-up for duty as the milk has been returned to its place and the inhabitants of the house will be needing a lift to school or work.

Yeah, right!

The reality of the day-in-the-life of the modern sales and marketing professional is that outside of the office or well-equipped home-office online connections can be a little flaky. How often have you been searching or paying for something on your mobile device on your commute into the office, or while you’ve been enjoying a coffee in a little Italian coffee shop, only to find that the connection has been lost and the mobile device has lost the plot also?

Any business’s sales funnel is the life-blood of the future business, so it is very important that your CRM tool is able to accommodate connection outages in its stride and allow you to work offline when you choose to or if you have to.

Launchpad CRM does this.

You can use Launchpad CRM on the go whether or not you have an active internet connection.

How does Launchpad CRM Work Offline?

When you first connect to your Launchpad CRM server the entire application is stored on your device. Whilst you’re online all data is continuously synchronised with all other Launchpad CRM users.  It is also stored locally and if connection is lost the application continues to work seamlessly using the local data. As soon as a connection is restored any changes made synchronise with the Launchpad CRM server.

Neat eh?

Do you need to do anything before working offline?


You need take no action to enable offline working. Unlike many CRM applications there is no need to select which records to retain. This is because Launchpad CRM is designed as a Work Offline First application. This simply means it is designed to work without an Internet connection.

How about when working offline and going back online?

Your only consideration is to determine whether your device and Internet Browser combination are using is capable of working offline, as not all devices are created equal. Launchpad CRM helps you here. If the ‘link’ symbol is green then offline working is available. If the link symbol next to the log-out button is red then offline working is not available for the current device and browser combination. If you need to work offline then you should consider trying an alternative Browser.

The act of transitioning between Offline and Online working is automatically handled by the Launchpad CRM application as your device connects to, or disconnects from, the internet.

Offline Working with “Lie-Fi”

The term “Lie-Fi” is commonly used when your device has an intermittent connection to an access point, such as a Wi-Fi router or 4G signal, but can’t establish a connection to the internet. Launchpad CRM is smart enough to recognise this situation and considers it as Offline Working. In very weak signal areas you may notice frequent changes in Offline Working status, in which case try moving closer to the access point in order to obtain a stronger signal.

What features are unavailable when you work offline?

Only those features which are wholly dependent on an internet connection are unavailable. The application will warn you if you try to perform an action that cannot complete whilst offline. In summary, the following features are unavailable;

  • Any activity through the Launchpad CRM “Setup” tab as these require modifications to be synchronised with the server at the time they are performed.
  • Any online look-up function, such as sanction checks

What features may not work as expected whilst working offline?

When working offline, any changes you make to a campaign will not be respected until the change is synchronised to the server. This is because campaigns do not run from your local device.

Handling multiple changes to the same record by different users when working offline

If a change is made to a record whilst offline, which is also modified by another user, then the time of the modification determines which change persists. The most recent change succeeds.

Note that the time you reconnect to the server is NOT considered, only the time the modification is made.

Launchpad CRM oils your working life

It does this by making your interaction with the CRM tool and database as pain-free as possible. Offline working is but one example. Take a look at the other features embedded within Launchpad CRM. Most of them are only available as premium plug-ins – or are not available – in other CRM tools.