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Prospecting | Launchpad CRM


Generating new leads is the life blood of any business.

Regular prospecting ensures your sales activities don’t come to a grinding halt as the law of attrition works against you as your existing customer base naturally erodes with time. Without prospecting your sales will decrease so it is important to constantly search for new customers to replace the attrition as well as to grow your sales. Traditional prospecting is hard and time consuming. In-bound marketing is a great way to convert visitors into new customers, and Launchpad CRM provides an Autoresponding Campaign manager as well as Beacon Analytics modules to support.

In-bound marketing produces great results for visitors to website, or you already have their contact details, but how do you reach out to potential customers that don’t even know you exist? No matter how much you spend on advertising, marketing and PR there will always be a huge number of businesses you can’t reach through these passive techniques.

Launchpad CRM simplifies the identification of potential new customers through a powerful research engine. By applying one, or more, filters literally thousands of potential customers in your chosen field of interest are presented which you can refine and narrow-down to meet the specific characteristics you’re targetting.

Filters are available for;

  • Industry sector and subsectors,
  • partial name match,
  • geographic location by country and city,
  • partial address match,
  • type of legal entity,
  • minimum and maximum employees, and
  • a partial match against a company’s description of its service or offerings.

Included as part of a complete response is for every match is, wherever available, a list of all known employees and their contact information and job titles. With the click of a single button all of the available information is immediately converted into account and contact information within Launchpad CRM.