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Launchpad CRM eMail Integration: Uses your existing eMail client

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Launchpad CRM allows for easy integration of Email and mportantly you can continue to use your existing Email system, whatever it is.

There is no requirement to suddenly start using a dedicated Email for your CRM solution.

Storing Email Communication

Email Integration with Launchpad CRM is as simple as sending an Email.


Any Email sent to your Launchpad CRM server, even copied or blind-copied, will be processed and added to:

  • all relevant contacts
  • accounts
  • opportunities

Any attachments will be transferred to your server’s dedicated storage area and if the Email is a meeting request or appointment, it will be automatically accepted and published from your server’s calendar.

Having your Email system separate from Launchpad CRM also has additional benefits; there’s no need to learn a new tool or interface, and there’s no interference with any other plugins or extensions that may be installed. Despite this, it’s still very simple to send an Email from within Launchpad CRM – clicking on an Email link will automatically create an Email not only ready to be sent from your Email system, but also automatically copied in to Launchpad CRM.

There are numerous ways to send an email to Launchpad CRM;

Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

Each of these items has their own unique name, which although automatically generated can be readily changed. By default this is unique name is constructed from the name of the item, e.g. if a contact was called John Smith the associated unique name would be john.smith. Simply sending an Email to [email protected] would add the email contents to that contact entry as a note. Emails can also be sent to multiple items at once, there is no need to send a dedicated email for each item you wish to store it against.


Emails can also be sent so they are logged against any item which has the corresponding tag. E.g. if you had a number of contacts with the tag xmas_event then sending an Email to [email protected] would cause it to be logged against all of them without the sender needing to know which items were tagged or not.

The benefit of this style of integration is that it readily lends itself to being able to the rule systems for sending and creating Emails that most modern Email solutions provide.

Sales Visibility

Whilst it is useful to store records of Emails so that previous correspondence is easily available to all users, this does not fully utilise the benefits.

Having relevant Emails stored within Launchpad CRM not only provides a holistic view by eliminating the need to switch between systems, but all of the Email information and their attachmentsǂ becomes searchable via the integrated search system.

ǂ Limited to textual attachment types that can be processed by Launchpad CRM.