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Intelligent tags

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Tags are one of the most powerful features of Launchpad CRM. They enable you to access and use the information in your CRM system in ways which you previously would only dream about in other CRM tools.


There are many other very powerful features within Launchpad CRM but our Tags easily rank with the best of them.


Because they make manipulation of your CRM information very straightforward. They make the information work for you and don’t hide it away and make it difficult to access.

Tag Usage

All information that you enter into your Launchpad CRM system is able to have tags associated with it. Whether the information is a note, contact visit report, a contact, a company account, a competitor company’s products (the list goes on…).

Tags exist to both help you quickly find what you’re looking for as well as to identify similar and dissimilar items. However, behind the scenes, Launchpad CRM also makes use of the tags you assign.

A great example is if you tagged an opportunity with the phrase “widget” then any account set as a competitor also tagged with “widget” would be automatically put forward against that opportunity. In addition, any product they offer that’s also tagged as “widget” would also be suggested providing immediate access to the intelligence you’ve established and recorded about that product.

True information power at your fingertips

Launchpad CRM’s Tags are great for:

  • being able to organise documents, ideas and concepts into abstract collections for further manipulation or analysis
  • making it so you can create your own system where items are connected, curated, and sorted
  • Segmenting your CRM contact information to allow further actions (for example; inviting selected potential customer contacts to a charity function or to the unveiling of your latest product, sending a “sales offer” email autoresponder campaign to key beneficiaries, sending “key messaging points” to key contacts at companies who are teamed with your company for a specific opportunity to ensure a common “team” approach to the customer community.

How to visualise Launchpad CRM Tags

You could think of manipulation of your information as being like the Venn diagrams you drew at school. You might want to sort your information (or contacts) to include Tag A AND Tag B but EXCLUDE Tag C.

How powerful is that?

How would you use tags?

We’ve given you the tool to do this. How you use tags in your Launchpad CRM system is limited only by your imagination.