Document Storage - Launchpad CRM

Document Storage

Launchpad CRM provides a centralised storage repository for all documents and files. Any file type can be uploaded into Document Storage from which it is then available for reference from anywhere within Launchpad CRM. Attachments to Emails are automatically saved within Document Storage without any user intervention.

Competitor literature, corporate sales support material, customer tender documents, invoices, quotations, forms, etc. are examples of the many types of business document which may benefit from being centrally stored .and made available to CRM users. Document Storage provides a repository where you can organize and manage all your business related files and share it with people inside and outside your organization.

Share Files Easily; with a central repository everyone knows where to find files, with contents locatable through the search function.

Keep Files Organized for Quick Reference using a virtual file system that separates users from the complexities of knowing the actual file location on the server.

Avoid Multiple Copies of the Same Document Easily make changes to files and maintain a single up-to-date copy of a document without need for users to keep their own local versions which can easily become out of date.

Prevent accidental document loss with support for file versioning with multiple revisions and rollback support so no document can be lost or change that cannot be undone.

Each file held within Document Storage is initially only available when accessed directly through Launchpad CRM, but can be optionally made available through a sharing URL to provide access to the file directly from the internet. Sharing URLs can be cancelled at any time to restore the constrained access.

Launchpad CRM does not impose a storage quota beyond that physically available to your server.