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Customer Influencers

In any complex sale there is more than one individual who you will need to persuade that yours is the winning offer in order to be successful. Each individual may assess your offer from a different perspective, and may also have a different role in deciding who to select as the winning bidder.

Launchpad CRM considers three fundamental buying roles in a customer organisation, although the individuals in those roles may vary between opportunities;

Technical influencers are those who assess a proposal based upon how well it meets the needs or specification. They often have a very specific and specialised assessment remit.

User influencers are those who will actually operate or interact with the selected solution

The Economic buyer is the sole individual who has the delegated authority to authorise the sale without need to seek authority.

Each influencer has a different ability to affect the decision – even in tender assessments subject to a formalised marking scheme the awarded score is often subjective and therefore can be swayed by personal opinions and preferences. Understanding, and reflecting into value propositions, those elements which each of these individuals most highly values will dramatically affect how your offer is perceived.

Launchpad CRM makes Identifying and capturing these influencers a natural part of managing opportunities, as well as identifying other potential influencers within not only the customer’s organisation but also those from competitor organisations who may also be seeking to influence the customer.

Influencers are displayed as a hierarchical organisation chart so their seniority and level of influence can be readily and quickly assessed by all users.