Launchpad CRM

Complex Sales Simplified

For when you need more than Sales Force Automation

Launchpad CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system specifically designed for the challenges faced by sales professionals operating in a Complex or Enterprise Sales environment.

Launchpad CRM Features

If you need to close sales in an environment with long pipelines, handle multiple simultaneous opportunities, compete against other companies in formal tenders, or convince multiple customer stakeholders that your offer is the winning solution then Launchpad CRM is for you.

Launchpad CRM delivers unbeatable features for the Complex Sales environment not available in other leading CRM systems.

Competitor analysis

Launchpad CRM will automatically propose not only potential competitors but also the products they will offer in competition against you for any opportunity allowing you to record your tactics to overcome their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.
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Customer influencers

Use the personal win statements of Economic, Technical and User influencers within the customer's organisation to inform and advise your offer. Launchpad CRM will automatically suggest who those influencers might be and present you with an annotated customer organisation chart so you can target the individuals who will need to be lobbied and the key messages to relay.
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Sales Process

Use industry defined best practice sales processes to drive opportunities through the sales funnel whilst Launchpad CRM automatically calculates probability of win improvements as you complete each step.
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Custom Business Rules

Write custom business rules quickly and simply using our built-in Visual Block Programming system. Simply snap blocks together to create your own custom business rules that trigger on either the creation, modification or deletion of any Launchpad CRM entity including Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.
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Tap into what is quite possibly be the internet's most comprehensive repository of company and employee data to target future customers and identify potential customers. Narrow your search by user filters including industry sector, geographic location and target organisation employee size. A single click converts any prospect into both an Account and its Contacts in Launchpad CRM.
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Document Storage

Upload and store or Email any document or file to the Launchpad CRM cloud so its available to your team, or limit access through convenient Access Control Level definitions by users and teams with Version Control and Rollback support.
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Account Organisation Hierarchies

Map the internal structure of your Accounts so you can pinpoint the key influencers you need to target either graphically through a point-and-click interface or have Launchpad CRM automatically wire the organisation for you based upon employee job titles.

Sanction Search

We monitor the US, UK, Canadian and Australian lists of business and individuals who have been identified under international sanctions and automatically highlight any Contact or Account which may be on any of those lists and present you the source sanction details and data so you can be sure you are not trading at risk.
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Online data resources

Use a contact's social media presence to rapidly populate their details into Launchpad CRM. We scour the common social platforms including LinkedIn, Google and Twitter to establish as much data as we can, such as Email addresses, Internet sites and Social Media handles.
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Offline working

Work when you want, not when an internet connection is available. Automatic background synching and conflict resolution allows the entire team to access data and work wherever they are, not only when an internet connection is available.
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Intelligent tags

Launchpad CRM brings the power of tags to CRM. Assigning tags to accounts, opportunities, contacts and activities allows for relationships that would otherwise be hidden to be discovered and empower your understanding of competitor movements and customer buying trends.
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Device independence

Launchpad CRM runs on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones delivering you the freedom to use almost any internet connected device. Whether it is running Windows, OS-X, Linux, iOS, or Android then Launchpad CRM runs in all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
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Win Analysis

At the click of a button Launchpad CRM analysis your current opportunity status and provides recommendations on how to improve your probability of win.

Meeting planner

Prepare for important meetings with the built-in negotiations support toolset which supports generation of trade-space options for both parties, capture of fallback and BATNA positions.
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Email integration

Using an external corporate mail system? No problem, simply copy or forward emails to the Launchpad CRM email address and have it automatically analyse and associate it to the relevant contacts, organisations and opportunities so you never lose important communications.
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